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Plone Development

by David Siedband last modified Jun 06, 2014 01:12 PM

Zentraal can help you design and build a complete Plone application from the ground up.  We've been involved in the Plone community since 2004, participating in and organizing many sprints and contributing code to Plone itself and several add-on products including RichTopic, CMFBibliography, Calendaring, PressRoom, Plone4Artists, EnviroPortals, and more.  Our in-depth knowledge of the Plone community means that we know both the best tools to build upon and the current best-practices that will help you get the most from Plone.  

We can also extend or support your existing Plone infrastructure.  Some of our clients have their own in-house Plone developers and they call us in as "special forces" to solve particularly challenging problems.

Let us help you get even more out of Plone by integrating with 3rd party software including mapping modules, payment gateways, lead-generation tools, Analytics, calendaring solutions and more.

For high-traffic, high-availability sites we can build you a robust hosting infrastructure including clustering, caching, load balancing, and performance tuning.

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